Parenting through separation courses

Jocelyn is employed by Plunket to facilitate this 4 hour Ministry of Justice course in Whangarei and Kaitaia.

This programme helps parents understand the impact of separation on children and how they can communicate better with each other and with their children. It helps them understand what their children's needs are and how to make the best arrangements for them when families are separating. As a result, the programmes help many children through a stressful and difficult time in their lives.
For further information or to enrol in a course, go to the dedicated page on the Plunket Site or to talk about the course, contact Jocelyn.

“This was a really useful day. Jocelyn is a calm, clear, empathetic leader and gave us some helpful strategies to deal with others and put myself in their shoes.”
A. C.-S. Course participant


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