Couples, Families, Groups

Jocelyn offers NVC mediation and coaching to couples, families and groups in work or other contexts. She has been moved to see how often NVC mediation has helped to transform conflict into warm hearted willingness to come to true collaboration and support, even in situations where the parties seem to have intractable, insurmountable differences. The key difference between NVC mediation and other mediation models is that the focus is on supporting each person to see the humanity of the other, by helping them to understand their feelings and needs. When empathy has been established, there is often a natural emergence of collaborative solutions that may not have been willingly agreed to or even thought of if the process was outcome driven.

Mediation sessions are usually 1½ – 2 hours long for couples, and up to 3 hours for groups.

If possible, it is helpful to attend a Communication for Life Foundation Training before mediation or coaching, because it provides an overview and some practice of the principles and skills. This can save you time and money, and give you a solid foundation for your couple or group work.

“Jocelyn mediated a series of sessions between myself and the father of my first child after the situation between us became intensely stressful and aggressive. I found working with her incredibly valuable, and was impressed at her ability to stay connected to both our needs without “taking sides”. She was brilliant at helping us tease out the issues that we were dealing with, and throwing light on them in a way that allowed us to progress much faster than I would’ve expected. While the gentleness that one might first meet in Jocelyn was certainly a part of our sessions, she was also direct and challenging when this was required. This created a lovely balance for me in terms of my need for care, and also my need to deal with the real guts of things. In this way, I see Jocelyn as really committed to helping people face the juicy stuff that needs to be addressed for genuine change to take place.”

– Meg Stone

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