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Communication for AWESOME Relationships!

An interactive, fun one-day workshop for men and women, in relationship or not, based on the principles and skills of Nonviolent Communication (NVC).

Kerikeri Saturday 25th August 2018  Book Here

Kaitaia Friday 31st August 2018   Book Here


Earlybird prices til 11th August: Returning: $65, 1st Time $105

Standard prices from 12th August: Returning $85, 1st Time $125

(If cost is a barrier, talk to me and we can work something out. I’m committed to making this available to anyone who wants to come.)

Are you sick of…
Drama, arguments and power struggles?
Being misunderstood and not respected?
Being expected to be a mindreader?
Feeling jealous, trapped, or threatened?

Do you long to…
Enjoy more intimacy, fun and connection?
Express yourself confidently and clearly, without feeling guilty?
Restore the original spark in your relationships?
Resolve conflicts peacefully?
Be in mutually supportive relationships where you champion each other to be who you really are?

Is this for me?

It is if you are:
Inspired to live with more Peace and Authenticity, willing to observe and question your current beliefs and ways of relating, and you are …

• in a new relationship, wanting to ensure it has a strong foundation to last through inevitable challenges over time
• in an established relationship that’s pretty good, and you’re wanting to deepen intimacy.
• in a relationship that’s rocky and you want to reduce drama and conflict
• not currently in a relationship, and wanting help to avoid repeating unhelpful patterns in the next one

The day will include lots of practice from participants’ own lives, in a safe environment where you get to choose how much or little you share about yourself.







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